Conductive Education

Conductive Education (C.E) is an educational philosophy and methodology developed in Hungary at the Peto Institute for children with motor impairments, in particular Cerebral Palsy.

At Glenroy Specialist School C.E. is a tool used throughout the school to assist our students to participate to their full potential in all parts of their school day, by providing them with an increased knowledge of how to perform controlled body movements and then give them lots of practice. CE uses consistent, repetitive language and it is through this language our students are assisted to perform the controlled movements needed to access everyday life. Although the student may not be able to perform the whole movement independently, they are encouraged to initiate as much of the movement as possible.

At Glenroy Specialist School we have adapted the principles of C.E. to suit our students and our culture. It is used in all curriculum areas throughout the school.



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