Enrolment Criteria

To be eligible for enrolment at Glenroy Specialist School, students must meet the criteria explained in the DEECD guidelines.


Students must:
Have a significant, on-going physical disability
Have a significant, on-going health impairment
Require paramedical support


Evidence to support the enrolment must be demonstrated in signed, written reports provided by the:

paediatrician, with a statement detailing the disability or health impairment and how this would impact on the student's learning


occupational therapist , physiotherapist and speech pathologist, with a statement detailing the student’s paramedical requirements.


The paediatrician would include information about the child’s diagnosis and level of physical disability, including medical information, mobility, hearing and vision.

Therapists would comment on mobility and equipment requirements, fine motor abilities and equipment requirements, receptive communication, expressive communication, behaviour, safety, hearing, vision, self care skills and needs, all related to the student's learning.


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