Equipment Development Officer

What do Equipment Development Officers do?

The Equipment Development Officer modifies and maintains specialised equipment to support students’ equipment needs at school.  This is in conjunction with therapists, school staff, students and families.


Equipment needs can include:


  • specialised classroom chairs and tables
  • manual and electric wheelchair seating systems
  • long sitting boards, straddle seats etc.
  • adapted stools, ladders for use in programs
  • adapted toilet seating


  • control systems and mounts on electric wheelchairs
  • specialised adaptations e.g. mounting systems for communication devices, drink bottles, switches and other accessories
  • fault finding

Bikes and Tricycles

  • adapted seating and pedals

Other Equipment

  • The Equipment Development Officer is responsible for equipment needs for students within school programs as prescribed by therapists. 
  • Quotes and/or advice can be provided for any additional equipment/adaptations for home use or at integration schools.
  • Quotes can also be provided for A&EP repairs if they are within scope.
  • The Equipment Development Officer is not responsible for repairing punctured tyres on wheelchairs however tyres and tubes are available for purchase.


  Glenroy Specialist School, 208 Hilton Street, Glenroy, Melbourne, 3046 Ph: 03 9304 2263