Inquiry Learning

Inquiry learning involves teachers and students designing a question about a topic and having time to explore the answers. It is a team process in which students and teachers work together within the Glenroy Specialist school curriculum and programs to answer an Inquiry question. Inquiry learning encourages our students to examine their world and form concepts and generalizations. Inquiry learning is based on the belief that learners must be actively engaged in the process of investigating, refining and extending their knowledge within a topic.
The Characteristics of Inquiry at Glenroy Specialist School are

  • It is student centred.
  • The emphasis is on the process.
  • Students ask questions and look for answers.
  • It involves direct experiences.
  • Prior knowledge is utilized.

Each of the three sub schools at Glenroy Specialist School have developed a five year Scope and Sequence detailing the concepts and understandings to be focused on during Inquiry Learning in each year. Each Inquiry unit has duration of two terms.
To succeed in the world, all students need to develop the capacities to:

  • manage themselves as individuals and in relation to others
  • understand the world in which they live;
  • Act effectively in that world.
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