Intensive Interaction

Intensive Interaction [II] is a way of learning to communicate and build meaningful relationships with people who don’t use words or any other obvious forms of communication. It is an approach for developing the ability to communicate and participate in social interactions.

We use behaviours the students recognise as their own to gain access into their world, getting their attention and developing in them a desire to communicate. This method is student led and student controlled. The student invites you, a familiar partner, into his/her world to communicate and socialise. This often looks like play as it involves our students doing what they like to do best.

This method continues to be well researched by leading academics working in the field of disability both here in Australia and overseas. In addition to improved communication and socialisation, students become more settled, much happier and engaged in their other school programs. Detailed written records of interactions are kept on a regular basis to monitor student progress. Video footage of interactions is used to observe and analyse student behaviour and to moderate progress. It is also used as a reflective tool for staff to improve our performance and to discuss ways to help our students develop communication skills.

All staff at GSS have had some training in II. We continue to model, coach and mentor staff with sensory classes across the school.

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