Junior School - Laying the Foundations

Junior School focuses on creating a smooth transition for students from pre- school setting/home into a daily school routine supported by a multidisciplinary team of teachers, therapists, assistants and nurses.
In Junior School, the foundations for future learning are established.  Curriculum is planned using VELS (Victorian Education Learning Standards) which supports an inquiry learning approach encouraging students to ask key questions and make personal choices. 

Active learning programs which are based on the principles of Conductive Education facilitate student development of body awareness & control through rhythmic intentions and routine. This greatly enhances student participation.

Sensory programs include Music therapy, Snoezelen Room and TAC PAC.  Meaning is assigned to timetables through the use of a timetable basket, which presents consistent object cues and associated Picture Communication Symbols. Students are cued into programs through common rhyme and songs eg when a session is finished; to ‘warm up’ their voices.

Communication is a major focus at Junior level as students develop early communication skills, choice making and turn taking routines. Some students are further supported using Intensive Interaction.
Junior School provides opportunities for social awareness, interaction and developing relationships with others- particularly their peers through leisure activities, structured programs and developmental play.


  Glenroy Specialist School, 208 Hilton Street, Glenroy, Melbourne, 3046 Ph: 03 9304 2263