Middle School - Building Breadth and Depth

In Middle Subschool the focus is on Active Learning, Social Awareness and  Extending Experiences.

Learning programmes are based on the VELS and pre VELs (Victorian Education Learning Standards) curriculum and foster the student’s natural inquisitiveness through the Inquiry Learning Model.

Students are actively involved in all learning programmes that are designed to be engaging and to support the physical, emotional and cognitive development of each individual.

Students have the opportunity to set goals and make choices in their learning and  have opportunities to extend their knowledge, skills and understanding through rich experiences offered by excursions and incursions.

There is an emphasis on recognising that students are in their middle childhood years, heading towards their teenage years. In order to prepare them we model and reinforce age appropriateness and independence.

Students have opportunities to develop their sense of self and how they relate to others across all curriculum areas. In Personal Development the students work on this through the “circle concept”. Each student’s set of circles focus on their relationships and appropriate behaviours within those relationships.


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