What do Nurses do?

Our Nurses look after the health and physical welfare of students whilst they are at school.


General Health

Our Nurses monitor the well being of the children at the school.  They are involved in monitoring fluid levels and making sure children have adequate amounts to drink during the day.  Staff will communicate with parents / caregivers on a daily basis and will maintain close liaison with families.


Specific Health Issues

For students who have Epilepsy, our Nurses will monitor seizures and take appropriate action as directed by the doctor and parent/caregiver.  The Nurses monitor and attend to a variety of specific medical and personal care needs of students.  Program Assistants work closely with the Nurses to provide care and attention to all students as necessary in relation to any medical or personal care needs.



The Nurses will give medication according to requests of the family and doctor.  Details of medications are recorded by the parent and/or doctor in writing on medication forms and are updated as required.



In conjunction with families, Program Assistants and relevant members of the team, the Nurses assist in establishing and maintaining toileting programs for some students to develop independence in this area.  Nursing Staff in conjunction with Occupational Therapists are able to advise parents on any equipment that may help with toileting.


Alternative Mealtimes

Some students at the school will have alternative ways of having food.  These are generally gastrostomy or nasogastric feeds.  The Nurses will monitor the student’s alternative food system in conjunction with relevant members of the team and as requested by parents / caregivers.


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