Senior School - Developing Pathways

The Senior Sub School focuses on preparing students for life beyond school.
In Senior Sub School Students

  1. develop greater independence of mind and interests
  2. develop connections between their learning and the world around them
  3. experience learning in community settings as well as the classroom
  4. develop skills for a future beyond school

Students in Senior Sub School are expected to take responsibility for their own learning and achieving their goals.

The Senior Sub School at Glenroy Specialist School includes students of Secondary School age.  Our aim for the students up to 16 years is to provide an individual educational program based around the Victorian Essential Learning Standards (VELS). Our programs are delivered through Inquiry Learning units.  
After 16 years of age the students will be involved in a transitional program. Some students will be involved in VCAL and VET, whilst others will work on individual programs supported by the inquiry Learning Program.

Futures for Young Adults: This program assists students in finding a post school placement. The process begins in the last two years of their schooling. The program is run in collaboration with the Department of Human Services.  The school assists through providing information meetings, visits to Adult Centres and meetings with students’ individual DHS planners. The year that students turn eighteen is officially their last year of school.

Excursions: Senior students participate in a wide variety of excursions to many different locations in our community. These excursions support decisions about future placements and the Inquiry Learning units and provide the opportunity for students to practice skills they will need to function independently in the community. We use both our private buses and public transport.


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